Quality of Services Policy

  • Release date: 2019/03/19
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Quality of Services Policy

HOKAMAI Machinery, as the first manufacturing complex liquid packaging machine in P.E films in order to offer services with high-quality to customers, defines its quality of services policy as follows:

• Promotion of customers’ satisfaction

• Manufacturing the newest liquid packaging machine by considering of needs of the market

• Creating a sense of creativity and entrepreneurship towards continuous improvement in the process of manufacturing machinery

• Offering services with faster and high-quality upper of the level of expectations of customers by observing simplifying in the process implementation

• Expanding network services throughout the country

This complex believes that these goals can only be achieved by only adhering to the principles and truly services.

Hereby I express my full commitment to the quality policy terms of this complex, so, I expect from the personnel who are active in HOKAMAI Machinery, by fully perception of this quality policy to constantly contribute for actualization of goals of HOKAMAI Machinery.

Managing director

Nima Seyyedol-HOKAMAI